Advance Manual - 1 Year £29.00

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What Does This Policy Cover?

Loss or damage
The cost of repairs to your wheelchair if it is lost or damaged as a result of an accident, fire, theft or vandalism. Please note that theft, attempted theft & malicious damage between 9pm and 6am at your normal place of residence are subject to forcible & violent entry into locked accommodation (building, shed, garage or locked car). Normally we cover manual wheelchairs up to a value of £2,000. If your wheelchair has a higher value please contact us and we will do our best to arrange tailored cover.  The policy excludes manual wheelchairs with a fitted powerpack.  These types of machine can be insured under our powered wheelchair policy.
New for old replacement
Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance will replace your wheelchair with a new model if it is stolen (and not recovered), or if it is so seriously damaged in an accident that repairs would cost more than 60% of the list price of a new wheelchair of
similar make and model.  NB: This benefit applies if you have owned your wheelchair from new and it is less than two years old. Otherwise you will be paid the current market value of the wheelchair.

Personal Effects
A maximum of £200 for any one claim will be paid for loss of or damage to your personal effects while you are using your wheelchair.

Public Liability
This means that you, your carer or personal assistant are covered against liability to pay compensation and costs if you accidentally injure another person, including a fatality, or accidentally damage their property while using your
wheelchair or its accessories and legal costs incurred by you with the written consent of the insurer, Royal & Sun Alliance.
Please note that the maximum payment for any one claim is £2 million.

Getting home
If your wheelchair is stolen or damaged, this cover will pay the cost of passenger fares only for you and one person to get home.  The maximum amount paid is £100 for any one claim and £500 in any one year of your policy.
Please note that additional transportation of the damaged wheelchair is not covered.

Mobility payment
If you are left without a working wheelchair for more than three days following an accident, you will receive £7
per day up to a maximum of 21 days.  There is no payment for the first three days.  The maximum amount payable in any one year of insurance is £250.

Sports use
You will be insured to use your wheelchair for all sports except racing and pacemaking.  Because of the nature of activity involved, you will have to pay the first £50 of any claim.

Worldwide cover
As long as you are normally resident in the UK, you can take your wheelchair with you whenever you travel abroad.  This cover includes air travel and airport handling.

Accidental death
If you die as a result of an accident while using your wheelchair, £3,000 compensation will be paid.

Purchasing online is subject to the following;

  • The value of the machine to be insured does not exceed £2,000.
  • Your wheelchair is not fitted with a powerpack (this classes it as a powerchair and would be covered by our Advance Gold/Warranty policies).
  • The machine is not a manual chair with power adaptations such as E-Fix or E-Motion etc

If you are unable to meet the above criteria, please contact us on 0845 602 8000 (between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, except bank holidays).  We will not be able to offer our standard prices and terms but we will do our utmost to provide tailored cover for you.

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